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Jessica Curry

I am a self taught Nature Artist based in the Hunter Valley, Australia. I specialise in painting realistic Flora and Fauna in Soft Pastels. 

Through my art I hope to show the spectacular beauty that surrounds us every day. By showing people how intriguing nature can be, I hope to inspire people to appreciate how important the natural environment is. To inspire them to find ways to care for the environment and protect natural habitats for Endangered species.


My subject matter Nature comes directly from my love of nature. As I child I grew up in the Hunter Valley along a creek where gorgeous birds and wildlife would congregate especially dusk.  I was always surrounded by art, my Nan was a beautiful landscape painter and though her, my love of nature was enriched, and lastly when I was very little and as I grew I have memories of following around after my Grandfather in his garden, watering plants, and pulling weeds my love of flowers and plants grew along side my love of art, wildlife and nature. 

I love to capture the light as it reflects off the subject highlighting its beauty.  I use a range of techniques combining light layers of glazing with both blending and detailed brush strokes to try to capture the spark of beauty and personality within the subject. 

I have had chronic illness and chronic pain since I was 15 years old. I have found that painting helps me escape the pain and to focus and channel those negative feelings of helplessness and uselessness into a positive creative outlet.  I discovered my love of painting later in life, so I have only been painting since 2014. Due to my ongoing health issues I have been unable to attend formal art education or even local art classes so I am a self-taught artist. 

I strive to only use the best quality Artist materials I can to ensure the longevity of each painting. I only use materials which are archival and lightfast to ensure that my paintings can be enjoyed for generations to come. I often get asked why I would spend so much money on expensive art supplies when cheap ones would do, wouldn't they?  The truth is cheap materials are not archival, they are not lightfast, they are meant for students to experiment with different mediums at a low cost, but due to this low cost they quickly start to fade. It would break my heart if a piece of my art fading before its time, I put my heart and soul into each & every piece, I want these pieces to last long after I am gone from this earth. So I only buy the best quality archival, lightfast products to ensure my paintings, if hung correctly and stored correctly, that the beautiful rich colours will not fade away. I make sure to buy archival paper that it lightfast and specially designed to hold as much pastel pigment as possible for hyper-realism its this reason, after much experimenting, to only use Clairefontaine's Pastelmat. I also only buy Soft Pastels and Pastel Pencils which each have an individual blue wool scale to show lightfast rating, each single pencil & soft pastel is carefully researched before purchase to ensure I understand which brands & colours within the brands have maximum lightfastness. 


My Art is showcased in Private Collections worldwide. 

Private Collection, Ohio, US

Private Collection, New Brunswick, Canada

Private Collection, Derby, UK

Private Collection, Messama, Portugal

Private Collection, Kurri, Australia

Private Collection, Raworth, Australia

Private Collection, Newcastle, Australia

Private Collection, Port Arlington, Australia

Private Collection, Rutherford, Australia


Members Art Show - group exhibition
Cessnock Regional Art Gallery, Cessnock
May 8 - May 20 - 2018

Members Art Show - group exhibition
Cessnock Regional Art Gallery
April 2 - April 5 - 2019

Nature's Beauty - Solo Exhibition
Belmont City Library, Belmont  
November 22 - February 11 - 2019

Favourite Art Supplies:

Pastel Pencils: Caran d'ache Pastel pencils, Carbothello Pastel Pencils, Gioconda Pastel Pencils & General's chalk pastel pencil in white. 


Soft Pastels: Art Spectrum Extra Soft, Blue Earth Soft Pastels, Sennelier, Schmincke and Unison. 


Paper: Clairefontaine Pastelmat


Blending tools: fingers, eye shadow sponges and soft brushes. 


Tape: Frog Tape - masking tape. 


Baby wipes: Babyboo unscented baby wipes (excellent for removing pigment from fingers)

I only use the best Artist quality materials in my paintings as I want them to be archival and lightfast for generations to come.


1st Prize - Flowers
Kurri TOMAS- 2018

1st Prize - Flowers
Kurri TOMAS- 2019

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