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Fancy Frills features an iconic Australian outback animal the Frilled Neck Lizard. Frilled Neck Lizards (Chlamydosaurus kingii) are also known as Frill Neck Lizards, Frilled Lizard, Frillies and Frilled Dragons, they are native to Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. Its a large lizard measuring around 85cm in length including the tail and spends most of its time in trees. They are carnivores, eating mainly small insects and invertebrates. They are also very territorial and are quite often seen with their frill fully out and running on only 2 legs. The colour of the frill depends on the habitat location, those from Queensland have more yellow frills, those from Northern Territory have a more orange frill and those from the Kimberley's are more reddish. 


This is a Mixed Media - Glassless Varnished Pastel Painting. It was created using Artist quality Pastel Pencils and Soft Pastels on Clairefontaine Pastelmat that was glued to an MDF painting panel. Size is 9x12". Reference by David Clode. Framed and Ready to hang. Framed art pictured above is for demonstration purposes only, colours and styles of frames may vary.

Fancy Frills

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