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Loud and Mighty features a Rainbow Lorikeet perched high up in the trees. Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus moluccanus) are a medium sized parrot commonly found in Eastern Australia, they are around 25-30cm long including the tail. They love rainforests, coastal bushland and woodland areas. Rainbow Lorikeets have been introduced to Western Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Rainbow Lorikeets often travel in pairs, although they will often fly with the flock before dispersing back into pairs. They are very territorial and will aggressively defend their nesting and feeding areas against all other birds including other Rainbow Lorikeets and larger birds like Magpies. There are actually 7 different species of related Lorikeets that were all thought to be different subspecies until recently. Artist quality Pastel Pencils and Soft Pastels on Clairefontaine Pastelmat glued to mdf painting panel. This is a Mixed Media - Glassless Varnished Pastel Painting. Reference by David Clode. Size is 5x7". Framed and ready to hang.Framed art pictured above is for demonstration purposes only, styles and colours of frames may vary. 

Loud and Mighty

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